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Let's work together to communicate the special spark that sets you apart. We'll do this by developing a thoughtful and intentional aesthetic that is infused with magick and tailored specifically to your target market.

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Download the Aleph Studio Information Kit to get started.


This includes an Investment Guide and outline of Aleph Studio services. You'll also learn some basic design terminology, so we're talking the same language from day one.

If you like what you see in the Information Kit, we'll set up a brief meeting via Skype. *Or if you're a serious introvert like me we can liaise over email exclusively. 

Together, we'll discuss your project requirements and objectives in detail (the Creative brief) to determine what specific services you need, and make sure we're a good fit to work together. 

If you would like to go ahead with your project, we start the on-boarding process. You'll receive a Welcome Kit outlining the Brief, timelines, pricing and payment schedule. This will include an Invoice for your first payment.



Once your payment is received I book your project into the calendar, we both do a little happy dance and move on to create the magick!

If you are receiving Strategy expertise we'll meet again via Skype for our session. 


If you've done the strategy work already, you'll share some key information about your business: 
unique selling points, target market, positioning goals, etc with prompts from our Brand Questionaire.


The information gathered provides the strategic direction of the designs to come.

For branding and website projects,

here's how we do it:




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When we've gone through all this, the

design process begins and the real fun ensues!


We'll work together to create something wonderful.

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In the meantime, here are some

Frequently Asked Questions that may help you decide if Aleph Studio is right for you:

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I need something that is not outlined in your Investment Guide, can you still help?


Of course! Just email me or schedule in a chat so we can discuss your needs and provide a custom quote.


Do I need to know what I want design-wise

before we start?


Not at all. I have my ways of gathering information to strategically communicate your essence and ethos, with your ideal market in mind always. 


If you do know what you want - great! I love collaborating with clients and hearing their ideas. However wonderful outcomes can often eventuate when there are no preconceptions! It's all part of Aleph Studio magick.


Why do you need to know so much about my business?

Graphic design is an art, but it's also a science - the more information you can provide, the more focused (and thus successful) your design outcomes will be. Having a goal and foundational understanding means we can design something original and something with substance, rather than just something that looks nice.



What if I don't like your designs?


I carefully manage this risk in a number of ways, and it's extremely rare for a client not to like the designs Aleph Studio puts forward. It's important that you view my previous work, and that together we develop a clear Creative Brief to make sure we're on the same page stylistically. I get a lot of input from you throughout the process and 2 revisions to your chosen design are always included in the pricing. 


What are your payment terms?


Most design professionals require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the commencement of work or 100% paid up-front (depending on the project), and Aleph Studio is no exception. The remainder is payable prior to any final artwork or files being handed over.


For Logo and Branding Design, what file formats do you provide?


All logos, submarks and supportive graphic elements are provided in JPG, PNG and EPS (high res vector) format. This is every format you will need for use in print and on screen. Other designed collateral will be provided as JPG or PNG for screen and PDF for print.


How long does the design process take?


Scheduling is determined on a project-to-project basis and depends on things like scope of the project, current studio workload, client communication etc.
Before commencing any project we discuss scheduling in detail to work out an appropriate timelime


What are your terms?


You can read all the Aleph Studio legal

terms and conditions here.

What value will a Brand Strategy Consultation

add to my business?

Brand strategy comes before design, and lays solid foundational goals for developing your business. By investing in this you become clear about who you are and where you stand in your competitive landscape, and this allows you to develop strategies to connect emotionally with your target market and communicate the right message in the right way.


It also acts as a map to know where you're going, keeps you on track in all of your marketing activities, and helps you maintain brand consistency. 

All the big businesses you know and the big brands you love - they've invested significantly in Brand Strategy.

If you have any questions that aren't listed, get in touch!

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