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Aleph: The primary force of creation, spirit of the aether; absolute potential

Hi, I’m Michelle – the philosophical and deeply-sensing designer and visual magick nerd behind Aleph Studio.

Aleph was born from a strange pull to merge my interest in the mystical and magickal with my love of good design principles and marketing psychology. A strange combination at first glance! But the more I thought about it, the more I saw how they were actually beautifully intertwined; design (especially branding) is its own form of magick afterall. 

Increasingly I found that the clients coming my way were searching for something a little different. They had worked with other designers who didn’t truly understand their offering or speak their language. They needed someone who easily saw their magic and understood the force behind their business. They needed help to develop their core message and identify their ideal audience. And they yearned for someone deeply invested in communicating their essence via beautiful visuals that had meaning.



These clients came to me at a time where I found myself delving ever deeper into mystical and magical practices, and this brought fresh new insights into my work - insights that had me bringing transformative symbolism into my designs and helping clients to discover the key archetypes behind their business philosophy.


The result is now a specialized design and branding service that creates deeply thoughtful Identity, Branding and Graphic Design that is layered with meaning, draws upon core foundational design principles and has a powerful presence that permeates the psyche.

If you think we’d work well together, get in touch or download my information kit to learn more about the Aleph Studio approach and process.

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The creators, the mystics, the sages, rebels, healers and lovers. 


Read what clients have to say about Aleph Studio 

Michelle from Aleph Studio is a magick-maker of the Highest Order.

She has the unique capacity to feel deeply into the essence of your offering and translate it beyond your imaginings, into a deeply evocative visual design.
If you trust her completely, and allow her full creative license, she won’t just translate your ideas, dreams and visions - she will capture your Soul. 

Time and time again Michelle has astounded me with the absolute craftsmanship of her creative design.
I now offer very little input, knowing she will intuit, to the finest nuance the exact feel, and visual imagery and design required for each project!


I highly recommend Aleph Studio. 

Michelle’s superpower is being able to vision exactly what you need to best communicate your offering. When I first saw my designs I was filled with excitement, confidence and inspiration to step up in my business! The imagery was far greater than I could have imagined and exactly what I needed.

If you need a designer who gets you and your business and knows how to visually express the energy, heart and entity of your creation, then contact Aleph Studio. I have recommended her to friends with epic businesses and they too have been amazed by Michelle's intuitive approach.

– Bronwyn, Garland of Hope

Michelle has a deep, seemingly intuitive approach to her work. I was truly blown away by her graphics.


- Paul, Timeless Warrior Arts

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your work. You understand me and I love what you are doing!”


Pam, Pamela Anne Celebrant

It is an absolute joy to open each email, with the first draft of any requested design, eagerly anticipating what magick she has woven this time.

I also receive constant feedback from clients and participants in my events, how incredible the design on my promotions are, and how it inspired them to come along!!!
I would highly recommend Michelle to cast her creative spell over your design and branding needs.


- Tara Zhinu,

I have used Aleph Studio on several projects and the work produced is amazing. Michelle can work in many different styles, which is rare, and when engaged in a project she takes the time to understand the outcomes desired to ensure the artwork really conveys the right message.

- Paul Holland, International Entrepreneur 

You’re an alchemist; a magician!”


- Tara, Passion8Rising

You are a Branding GODDESS!!”


- Nikki, Element + Bliss

“It’s so nice to have someone understand what you do so perceptively, then pull your work and personality together in one well-designed space. So very happy with the result”


– Marian,

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Amazing human and truly talented creative. I highly recommend Aleph Studio. Michelle nailed my new Brand and imagery.

- Brendan,

Join the crew of happy Aleph Studio clients ... 

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