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Deeply thoughtful graphic design and brand creation for creatives, mystics, rebels, lovers, healers, witches, and makers of magick.

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You’re not like other entrepreneurs or businesses. You offer something a bit different. Special.

Aleph Studio is not like other design studios. I offer something a bit differentDeeper. Powerful.

I see the force behind what you do. I see the soul. I, too, hear its calling.

To the quirky creatives, the wise sages, the magical ones following their bliss... If you’re looking for design that captures your essence and your special flavor of magic, you’ve landed on the right site.

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This is for those with a new business they want to launch or a burning idea they yearn to share. It's also for existing brands needing a visual upgrade to move their business to a new level.


Branding and Identity design begins with a clear understanding of your business, philosophy and goals. Most clients I work with are looking for more than logo design; they're looking for a far more potent visual 'system'. 

The Aleph Studio 'system' includes logo design that is deeply infused with intent and symbolism, incorporates colour magick, and utilises carefully selected typography and imagery to reach into the heart and mind of your ideal client.

Brand Strategy +
Creative Direction

Brand 'Strategy' is a vital precursor to powerful and success identity design. A Brand Strategy session with Aleph Studio will provide you with invaluable clarity on your Brand's unique personality, voice and target market.


In a typical Brand Strategy session we take a good look at the competitive landscape of your industry and discover the unique strengths and core values of your business within this landscape. 

With this in mind, we then dive into the work of Carl Jung (and others) to find your particular 'Brand Archetype formula' and use it as a powerful guide to refine your brand even more, to vastly improve your chances of reaching your people. This is powerful stuff and highly recommended.

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Graphic Design

Aleph Studio provides generalised Graphic Design services for clients who have been through our Branding Process.

We create beautiful and inspiring collateral for your business, designed to perfectly communicate the brand personality we have already developed together

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