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Is your business an Introvert?

Hands up all the Introverted Brands out there. *Yes, right here!*

Social Media can feel very loud sometimes to introverts. There seems to be so many businesses vying for our attention, all posting regularly, having lots to say, many adding wonderful value for their audiences. 

I haven’t heard much being said about the quieter brands from a business and marketing perspective. All the coaches seem to sell the ‘hustle’, tell us to post constantly, be visible, talk a lot, share your knowledge, grow your email list, convert sales… 

But what if your brand personality is quieter? Was if your brand is an Introverted Brand? 

For me, and perhaps some of you (especially if you are a more sensitive and creative soul) it doesn’t feel authentic to use the extroverted strategies promoted by most business and marketing advisors. I have zero drive to hustle, and for a while I’ve felt called to take a different approach to growing my business. There are solid, potent strategies for Introverted Brands to employ; they just happen quietly and more behind the scenes.

Before I list those strategies for you, you may feel relieved to know that there are a few Brand Archetypes that are naturally more introverted, more sensitive, and quieter than others. In fact, 25% of brand archetypes can be considered to be more introverted brands.

These include:

The Sage

The Caregiver

The Creator

The Innocent

Does your business fall into any of these categories? Have you felt overwhelmed by the marketing strategies you’ve read about? Does it feel inauthentic for your brand to be constantly speaking (posting on social media), engaging in groups, selling, promoting, converting?

I read this quote recently:

"A seed grows with no sound but a tree falls with huge noise. 

Destruction has noise, but creation is quiet. Grow silently."

I’m not sure how realistic it is to relate that to marketing strategy, but it really resonated with me. Because Aleph is an introverted brand, I don’t spend much energy on active marketing. I’ve come up with strategies that are working for the Aleph Studio brand in a way that is quieter, and much more aligned to my brand personality and natural personal inclinations.

I’m here to share them with you, in case you’re feeling the pressure to promote your business like the extroverts. These strategies take some groundwork, but once they’re in place you may find that you’ll become more of a magnet; a brand that is receptive and attracting business, rather than one that is active and pushing for business.

1. Create a strong visual presence. Make sure your branding is communicating your essence looks as professional as possible, and is consistent.

2. Make sure you have a way for people to find you. You do have to be visible, just not as active as extroverted brands. Make sure you have an up-to-date website that is beautifully designed and easy to navigate. Make sure your clients or customers know all about your processes, services, philosophy, unique selling points. Share testimonials on your site. Write the odd Blog post to demonstrate your expertise. Invest time or money in learning about SEO strategy and implement it.

3. Have social media accounts that are appropriate for your market. Have them branded consistently, and displaying as much information about your business as possible. Post sometimes, but make it count. One quality post in a month for some brands is better than 30 noisy ones that aren’t showcasing your work or adding some sort of value for your audience.

4. Carefully and mindfully direct your messaging towards your specific niche and communicate with them when it feels right. Consider employing a copywriter to assist you in getting your message across

5. Focus on the quality of your work. Personally, I prefer to focus on the project at hand, and inject 100% of my heart and soul into it ("My Art is my Heart", as a wise woman told me yesterday), and do really good, high quality work. The energy (magick), directed towards the actual work you do will speak for itself. It has for me so far, with 90% of my clients coming to me via referral or word-of-mouth.

If you’re an introverted brand you may find that investing your energy and marketing budget into these areas will set up a strong and powerful foundation, and work as a quiet strategy in and of itself. If your presence is strong enough, directed at your specific niche, and communicated specifically to that niche in the right way, you may find that you don’t need to be actively promoting all the time. You’ll draw the right people to you.

If I end up a starving artist any time soon, you’ll see me come back and retract this statement for sure. But until then, I’m aiming to continue to grow in a way that feels right for me. I’ll keep posting about projects that I love and sharing bits of my own wisdom here and there. Hell, one day I’ll even birth the course I’ve been writing in my head for years. But for now, while it feels right, I’d like to continue to grow Aleph, for the most part, silently.  *If this topic interests you, I encountered an incredible woman recently who offers strategy and support for Introverted Entrepreneurs. Her name is Leonie Gough, and I highly encourage you to follow her for tips and lessons on how to shine as an introvert in business, and in life. Here's her Facebook page link: Thank me later ;) Michelle xo



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